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Being the librarian is the best job in the school!

I love to read, but I understand that not everyone does.  Even those who don't enjoy reading may love the library.  Here you will find a place of discovery--a place to relax--a place to sooth the soul--and of course, a place to read. 

Although I will steadfastly honor a parent's right to choose which books his or her own child may read, I also firmly believe that books open the mind, so I encourage parents to talk with their students about the content in books

A bit more about me--- My undergraduate degree is from The University of Texas.  Graduate degree from PV A&M.   I have been the librarian at WJH since 2003.  I have two wonderful daughters, a dog and a cat.  In my spare time, I do community theater.  

If you or your child have any questions, please contact me at lstevens@wallerisd.net


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